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About the company

Company background and introduction

Aluminum Kara Company is honored to have used modern machinery as well as an expert staff under the supervision of Ministry of Industries and Mines, since its establishment in 1374. This company is one the most prestigious manufacturers and service providers in the field of various types of industrial, construction and proprietary profiles. In line with the development plan, the company started to launch a new and more advanced production line in 1389.

Our motto is providing high quality products, commitment to the needs of customers, and its customer satisfaction.


Visiting time

Please use this link to visit the factory or meeting with company managers

Company Sections

Design section

After receiving the initial map, Aluminum Kara Company started to design the framework with the help of advanced software and experienced experts of the field, and this initial plan will be send to the molding section

Molding section

After the design and confirmation of the main map of molding section, with using exact machinery and experienced staff, this complex started to build the best type of 8407 Asab steel for the initial production which will be sent to the plating section and then becomes ready for the extruded operation

Production Section

This company has two 1800 and 2800 tons extrusion press devices which can produce 7 to 12 inches billet in all the alloys of 1000 to 7000 group

Stretch and packing section

After the production, the aluminum sections has become errant and put in special baskets to complete the heat treatment process, enter the aging stage

Quality Control Department

After the production, all the products of this company will be carefully checkedin the packing section

Color section

At the end, using advanced devices and electrostatic color, the products will be colored

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